The Hard Duck Dryer Bracket is a revolutionary dryer venting system that prevents fires and saves money by increasing your dryer's efficiency and making servicing easier.

Finally, a professional solution for home dryer installation. Our patented all-metal bracket system ensures maximum airflow for minimum lint buildup and decreased drying time.

Our stationary bracket system, with universal mounting hardware and blind lead-in lint seal,makes it easy to slide the unit out for vent cleaning and servicing.

  • Saves money by assuring optimum dryer efficiency
  • Makes dryer installation easy
  • Eliminates the need for dangerous and unapproved flexible duct
  • Aids in satisfying manufactures requirement of heavy metal vent installation
  • Reduces dryer fire hazard
  • Makes cleaning and replacement simple and easy with tool-less access
  • Works with all dryer makes and models: gas, electric and stackable