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The Revolutionary New Dryer Vent Bracket System

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Why Hard Duck®?

Hard Duck® Is Safe

Most dryers are improperly installed by crushing the plastic/thin foil flex tube against the wall as seen in the image above. This method is dangerous and inefficient. The Hard Duck® dryer vent bracket eliminates this problem with high quality steel that's made in America. This product meets or exceeds all fire codes for maximum safety.

Works With All Dryers

The Hard Duck® dryer vent bracket is also universal, meaning it can properly fit all dryers or dryer setups without any conversions or custom made brackets. In the example image above, you can see that our revolutionary dryer vent bracket can be used in a washing machine/dryer stack setup.

Saves You Money

Compared to traditional flex tubes, the Hard Duck® dryer vent bracket has much better air flow as well, which allows you to dry your clothing much faster. Faster drying means less time that your dryer has to stay on, which will save you money on your gas or electric bill.

Hard Duck® Offers a full line of quality products - available now at:

Dryer Vent Brackets

The Hard Duck® Dryer Bracket replaces inefficient and dangerous flexible vents with an all-metal venting system. This maximizes airflow, reduces lint buildup, and minimizes drying times.

Dryer Vent Fittings

These dryer vent fittings are used when installing electric or gas powered dryers, to maintain proper airflow. They require no crimping or tape.

External Connections

Hard Duck® has a variety of connections for various dryers. From gas lines to pole cords, all the connections you need are in one place.

Metal Duct

Metal pipes for gas or electric dryer venting. This strong & efficient material completely replaces the traditional thin foil/plastic duct which is a serious fire hazard and clogs up with lint quickly.

Strapping & Clamping

Versatile straps & clamps that can be molded to fit many laundry appliances. Securing your dryer vent duct with these devices provides stability and leaves less possibility for failure.

Vent Covers

Hard Duck® dryer vent covers can be designed to go through a wall or roof, and can be installed on gas or electric dryers. These products are specifically crafted to reduce lint build up in your duct.





Hard Duck® sells great tools that any DIY installer can purchase to perform their own dryer installation.