Dryer Vent Solution for tight spaces

Dryer Vent Bracket Information

The Hard Duck Dryer vent bracket is great for venting dryers in tight spaces or close to a wall. It is the best dryer vent solution. It is easy to assemble and secures your dryer in place. Works side by side or stacked on washer or pedestal. There is no need to have access to the dryers vent because the metal duct attaches to the bracket and dryer just docks in.


Dryer Vent Bracket
Dryer Vent Bracket

The BEST Dryer vent SOLUTION. The Hard Duck Bracket replaces inefficient and dangerous flexible vents with an all-metal venting system. This maximizes airflow, reduces lint buildup, and minimizes drying times.

Dryer Wash Bracket
Washer Bracket

Washer bracket keeps washer locked in place. Helps when you have smooth surface and washer has a tendency to move. Also is highly recommended when dryer is positioned on pedestal keeps pedestal from moving and also when stacking washer and dryer